Donna J. Setterlund

Specialist in Creative Development
& Visual Communications
An experienced creative design and visual communications professional, concentrating on Conceptual Imaging, Graphic Design and Illustration, Web Design and Construction, Project Consulting, Proprietary Product Development, and Visual Special Effects.
A strong resource for Children's Book authoring and illustration, concept development, multi-media integration, digital imaging, animation, board illustration, literary design and layout, fantasy and realistic art, character design and development, technical line art rendering, photograph manipulation, architectural perspective presentations.
Teacher of Imagination Innovations in K - 12 Charter School, Collage, and Adult Education; Webmaster; Writer and Published Author; Sculptor; Portrait and Landscape Painter; Architectural Draftsman; 3-D Modeler; Commercial Artist; Publisher; Photographer; Construction Contractor; Journeyman Sign Person; Woodworker, Fashion Designer Seamstress; Multimedia Producer.
Collaboration on, illustration for illustration and guidance of Children's Projects. Leadership in developing quality creative projects, team development and consensus building, rapid assimilation of concept/procedures, communication and technical approach development, visual communications adaptations and refinements.
Creative Development
As the founder of Habitat For Education and the creative drive and energy behind its continued product and service development, Donna J. Setterlund brings creative diversity, design depth and mission continuity to all the Project Initiatives.
As a conceptual imager, graphic artist, visual communications specialist, and animator, Setterlund presently continues to contract to engineering planning, construction, graphics, advertising, and design firms. Her leadership skills in design, 3-D illustration, and conceptual/intellectual property development are corner stones in supporting and inspiring feasible products and services.
Areas of Professional Focus: Conceptual Imaging, Graphic Design & Illustration, Project Consulting, Visual Communications Specialist, Proprietary Product Development, Computer Digital Design.
Professional Skills: Architectural Draftsperson, 3-D Modeling Illustrator, Commercial Art, Licensed Publisher, Artist and Illustrator, Murals & Wall Art, Writer and Published Author, Sculpture, Photographer, Construction Contractor, Journeymen Signperson, Woodworker, Fashion Design and Multimedia Production.
Professional Strengths: Leadership in developing quality creative products, Unique Combination of Creative Talents and Artistic Abilities, Team development and consensus building. Rapid assimilation of concept, procedures, communication and technical approaches, Visual communications adaptations and refinement.
Additional Experience: On running local and surrounding community involvement including Educational Advisory Arts Council, Motivational Speaker, Art Instructor, Licensed Foster Parent.
PUBLICATIONS By: Donna J. Setterlund
A Dream and A Promise:
From a Child to a Woman with a Mother's Help along the Way

By: Donna J. Setterlund
Product details
ISBN: 9780962434228
Category: Educational: Personal, social & health education (PSHE)
Format: Hardback
Publication Date: 1990-08-01
Publisher: Carriage House Studio Publications
Elephant, Please Go Back to the Zoo
By: Donna J. Setterlund,
Donna J. Setterlund (Illustrator)
Product Details
ISBN-13: 9780962434235
Publisher: Carriage House Studio Publications
Publication date: 8/28/1990
A Victorian Coloring Book: Featuring Ferndale, California
By: Donna J. Setterlund
Product details
ISBN: 9780962434211
Category: Fiction
Format: Paperback / softback
Publication Date: 1990-06-01
Publisher: Carriage House Studio Publications
Victorian Ladies Coloring Book: Featuring Eureka, California
By: Donna J. Setterlund
Product details
ISBN: 9780962434211
Category: Fiction
Format: Paperback / softback
Publication Date: 1990-06-01
Publisher: Carriage House Studio Publications
All About Ferndale Today
By: Donna Setterlund
Product Details
ISBN-10: 0962434205
ISBN-13: 978-0962434204

Paperback – November 1, 1989
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Carriage House Studio Publications; 1st edition (November 1989)
Eel River Valley & its People:
Southern Humboldt County, California, valley of majestic redwoods & fascinating places

By: Donna J. Setterlund. Setterlund, Donna.
Product details
ISBN: 0962434248
Dewey Number: 979.4/_12
1991, English, Book, Illustrated edition:
Libraries Australia ID: 40094482
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Historic Eureka: Where History Lives, Works and Plays
By: Donna J. Setterlund
Product details
ISBN: 978.0962434259
Category: Travel & holiday
Format: Paperback / softback
Publication Date:1993-10-01
Publisher:Carriage House Studio Publications
Just Joking: Tastefully Tacky, Delightfully Dirty
Nitro Nationals Drag Boats: Featuring Red Bluff Event
Monster Trucks Coloring Book
Olive Country MAP: Featuring Corning, CA.
Divide Community MAP, Georgetown, CA.
Dozens of Books & Maps Complete and ready to publish.
BOOK I. Spirit of the Crystal
BOOK II. Star Riders
BOOK III. Water's Breath
BOOK IV. Destiny's Eye
Walter & the Princess
Gus Learns A Lesson
ONE to TEN, Say it Again!
TEN to ONE, Counting Is Fun!
Sasha's Alphabet Garden
Bubba Tells Time
Founder / Group Leader: GOOD HABIT KIDS
Designed: Gulf War Military Monument, Tehama County, CA Military Family Support Group
Designed: 1st Draft Red Bluff Skateboard Park Presentation
Design Concept Cone Kimble Corner Presentation
Consignment Murals all over California
Consignment Portraits & Feature Paintings
Creater: Walter & Myrtle Exercise
The initial goal of this Proof of Concept was to develop and begin production on its full length animated film. "The Magic Crystal" and a series for television, "Zontoria Adventures". Coinciding with this effort the Company was to develop and market theirbooks, multimedia talents and products.
The highly focused agenda of the Proof of Concept was to evolve, demonstrate, and prove the market scope, support, and the creative and economic feasibility of developing and producing entertainment that:
1. Appeals to children, families and adults on a world basis,
2. Promotes positive and inclusive images of women, minorities and other cultures,
3. Supports the conservation of the natural world,
4. Explores personal relationships and the human condition,
5. Examines extraordinary events or ideas that have changed the lives and histories of individuals, countries or the world,
6. Promotes uplifting spiritual, moral and social values.A great production requires professionals with many skills to work together in mutual agreement on a common goal. Just to create and sell a new idea is a combined commercial and artistic endeavor.
Producers get frustrated when the consumer can not see their vision. The brain is blind - it "sees" only with understanding, its own comprehension. The conscious mind works in unison with the body. Images are taken in with the eyes. Sounds are captured by the ears. The gathered information is processed through the conscious mind, into the subconscious mind. For the mind to be most effective, it needs to be fully "programmed" almost like a computer. People, especially children learn best through their emotions. The memory retains emotionally charged experiences much more vividly than intellectual experiences.
I believe the children of today have the ability and intellectual capacity, for enjoying the same quality material as their parents and grandparents. To explain further, every brain will absorb what it is capable of understanding in a different manner and at a different level. If the content is quality and is packaged and integrated properly it will be enjoyed by many age groups.

Creating computer art, writing stories about ranch animals, working with kids, sewing, designing new interactive educational exhibits.

Ranching Hobbies, Building fences and outbuildings, Gardening, Raising Doves, Chickens, Registered Miniature Horses, Miniature Pot Belly Pigs, and bird watching.
"The Long & Short Of It"
My step-father was in the civil service during my growing years and moving every six months made it necessary to meet many new people. My creative career has taken me through a variety of occupations from book illustrating and portrait painting, to sign fabrication and architectural conceptual design. These do not include the dozens of necessary survival vocations that filled each demand for ingenuity. It's funny how one's life comes full circle combining all the acquired abilities and experience. I have purely enjoyed creating the projects and properties that now make up the Company. However, my life behind the scenes is a story beyond belief. The book will be called "Against the Odds."
My husband and I own a ranch in Cottonwood, CA. now, but originally came from Ferndale, California a dairy ranch town of 1,500 people. When I started creating the Zontoria Collection, I had no idea what the project would become. I was simply using my talents and artistic abilities to create quality products and entertainment while giving our family and friends jobs. Work was scarce after our town was devastated by the 1992 Northern California earthquakes. Finding income and raising children in a small town with a bad economy required some very creative juggling of ideas. I didn't realize I was discovering a "Concept" Hollywood was searching for.
Ferndale is a Victorian tourist town and I met a lady who was from Warner Brothers Entertainment. She gave me a name of an Animation Producer in Hollywood, so my husband and I took our project to the big city. We were allotted 15 minutes to present our project. There were four people who heard our presentation. After four hours that first day and three more days of talking we came home with a list of goals to complete. We were energized, so we re-organized, raised money, and went to work.
When I started using the Internet, I needed professional assistance and put an add on for management of a Family Entertainment Production Company. I was swamped with calls, resumes, and just everyday people who wanted to know how they could help. The interest has been incredible from all over the world. I started collecting "The Best & Brightest" production and management teams, and putting the many pieces in order.
We started Phase I of Continued Development, which was to refine what was proven, establish a partnership and business alliance with an existing industry leader, implement production, and establish distribution to accept a continual flow of the tremendous amount of "Quality Life Affirming" content.
Our intent was to create a Company made up of Industry Professionals.
After another 15 years of bad economy, business setbacks, family crisis, and financial hardship, we are starting over one more time. We purchased a small ranch with the help of the VA and are building our dream one day at a time. I work on my computer in between ranch chores and daily challenges. My mind has hundreds of ideas for how to create projects and help children. I produce at least one book every couple of months and continue my search for the right people to finish this amazing trip down destiny's many paths.
That is the long and short of it. It's the simplified version of how the "Proof of Concept" began and where we are going from here. Needless to say, it's been an adventure of a lifetime, to say the least.

"We Believe in People and the Power of Dreams"
Sometimes BIG IDEAS have a way of taking on a life of their own,
especially when the "Concept" empowers individual potentiality.
When one person finds hope for making their dreams reality,
magic begins to happen.

One woman started the movement.
Hundreds joined the group and became part of the adventure,
and are finding resources for making dreams come true.

Welcome to a very exciting future!

Donna J. Setterlund

Donna J. Setterlund
The Central Philosophy behind our Concept is to produce any type of quality family entertainment that not only provides immense entertainment value, but educates children and families of the importance of traditional family, social, and moral values. The world of late has become a little distant to quality social and moral practices. There is a demand and thirst in the world to enhance awareness and recognition of these quality values and principles. Everything that the "Concept" plans is conducive to the betterment of these general values and principles within our society/world.
This Proof of Concept has been successful by attracting an unprecedented combination of Talent, Innovation, Property, Participation and Investment Interests. Its precepts can be applied to communication and entertainment of all types and technologies. For depth and integrity of research and feasibility, the Proof of Concept was centered around specific, feasible, pilot production initiatives:

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