EDUCATIONAL CONCEPT: To provide the highest quality educational concepts through the use of innovative curriculum, quality academic service, and reliable technical support. Beginning with Pre-School, help shape growth in Charter Schools, Adult Education, Career tech, Entrepreneur Expositions, and improving teaching methods in the Public School System.

A large spectrum of projects, products and programs have been developed to varying levels. Every construction, event, program or camp is a filmed production or multi-media product possibility. The company anticipates more than half of its work force to be through volunteerism and internship training. Students will work with professionals to learn life skills. Exchange programs will generate interest and bring in new shared learning opportunities. Every paid employee will mentor and work with students through Internship and Cooperative Experience Education. Out-reach programs will extend across the country and internationally. The world is ready for this type of extended interactive educational experience.


HABITAT FOR EDUCATION will provide a work-study program for individuals from all levels of education and society. The primary point of the program is to teach these individuals to teach others using shared experiences. Task challenges and team projects are geared to stated and perceived needs and include life skills, multimedia and video production, construction, ranch work, and projects requiring cooperation to complete. We will bring in people from all trades and professions to talk to the kids. Our filmmaker and some students will job shadow the speakers at their jobs. Our filmmaker will create a library of job and speaker DVD’s to give to attendees. We will work with attendees to assure they have the means to show what they have learned. We ask that they send back two more to the program.
Who will use our Camps and Training Programs?

Students and teachers throughout the country will be invited to participate in our Campus programs. Weekdays will focus on 3 to 5 day camps. Weekends will offer seminars and interactive programs to promote the family unit and create quality time. The word “teacher” is used throughout the “Instruction Guide” to include classroom teachers, counselors, mentors, youth organization leaders, a parent or anyone else who may be taking students through the program.

It's Time To Begin !

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